K-Doh & the Doh-Nutz! is an eclectic group of experienced musicians who cover everything from , Classic Rock, Alternative, Country and even throw in a little Rap! Many original tunes are also included, like “I’ll Be There,” K-Doh’s song which was placed in the movie “Three Days in August” in 2016.  They can accommodate any venue setting and play out as a solo,  duet , trio or full 5-6 piece band. We cover songs and styles by artists such as Johnny Cash , The Animals , Tom Waits, Vance Joy,  Creedence Clearwater, The Beatles , Bob Dylan ,The Lumineers,  Elvis Presley , The Rolling Stones , Steve Miller , The Velvet Underground , Ed Sheeran and many more. Click on the links below for your listening pleasure.

                                                      DEEZ NUTZ ROC!                                                                They are Lo-Fat , Lo-Sugah and Hi-Fidelity!


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Current Band Members :

K-Doh “The Naked Baker” writing and singing songs all while keeping the music frying  hot  ,  Mark Carlin “Original Glazed” slapping that bass,  Marty ” Peanut Butter Sprinkles ” Wilson banging the drums, Trevor ” Bear Claw ” Skinner our amazing percussionist and when we are fortunate to have her the beautiful  and talented Korynn OC aka ” Sinnamon Sugared DohNut belting out  vocals

Photos by Steve Spurlin

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